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Privacy Statement

FAIR Ltd is a registered charity (No SC002280) and a company limited by guarantee (No: SC135696) based at 95 Causewayside, Edinburgh EH9 1QG.  (Telephone 0131 662 1962 Email: fair:fairadvice.org.uk.)

General Data Protection Regulations 2018

New rules control how we use information about individuals.

We have to record what information we hold, why we hold it, how we store it, how we use it, who uses it, how we keep it accurate, how we secure it and how we eventually delete it.

Individuals have the right to see what information we hold on them and can request that we delete any or all of that information.

We are not allowed to use this information in any way other than that for which the individual has given us consent.

We therefore make the following policy statements:

1. FAIR will use the information held on individuals ONLY for the purposes for which we hold that information.

2. FAIR will ensure that these individuals have given consent for the purposes for    which we hold that information.  Such consent may be withdrawn at any time.

3. Any individual may request to see what information we hold for them at any time.

4. Individuals may request that their name and/or any of their details be deleted at any time.

5. We will endeavour to keep all the information we hold up to date and accurate.

6. FAIR will aim to keep all information on individuals in secure locations.

7. FAIR will not under any circumstances issue information on individuals to outside parties for any purpose, including for marketing purposes, unless with the specific permission of that individual.

8. FAIR will keep information only for as long as it is needed and will delete, destroy or anonymise that information at a time specified in our Data Protection policy, normally six years after last used.

9. If any of the personal information we hold be lost, stolen or otherwise breached we will contact the individual(s) concerned without delay and inform them of the steps we are taking to deal with it.