FAIR’s website is currently under review. All information might not be up to date.
FAIR is still open for business so please contact us for more information.

FAIR News – Seeing Clients

We are looking forward to welcoming the people we support back to our offices again soon.

However please continue to call us on
0131 662 1962 and leave your name and number and we will get back to you. You can also email fair@fairadvice.org.uk.

FAIR are making some changes so we can see people at our office and visit you at home.

Things might look a bit different and staff need to stay socially distanced from you. There will be hand sanitiser and masks available if you visit our office. FAIR staff may also need to wear masks or face shields.

We understand that many of the people we work with need support face to face. Due to restrictions being lifted we are able to see people if this is urgently needed. This will only be if we cannot support people remotely.